dm6: fix email address
[dupemerge] / dm6
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: fix email address
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: '/' should not be part of inode names
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: fix inode naming for little-endian systems
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: make the version number friendlier
2010-05-14 Zygo BlaxellMerge branch 'dm6'
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: verbose output during garbage collection
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: use Base64 encoding for inode numbers
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: add comment about why we're not supporting non...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellGo ahead and create the link_dir if it doesn't exist
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellFold the inode and digest trees into a single structure...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellFix the hardlinking hopefully once and for all
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellMake sure we are using the right inode filename
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellFix up the progress reporting so we can see directories...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellAdd garbage collection at the end of each run.
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellGet the right file linked to the inode directory
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxellparameterize the prefix length and ensure we don't...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellReplace progress reports with single-character markers
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxellusage: Add version string
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxelldm6: fix duplicate prefix paths
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxelldm6: finish WIP
2010-03-08 rootdm6: WIP, see TODO