2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: fix email address
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: '/' should not be part of inode names
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: fix inode naming for little-endian systems
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: make the version number friendlier
2010-05-14 Zygo BlaxellMerge branch 'dm6'
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: verbose output during garbage collection
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: use Base64 encoding for inode numbers
2010-05-14 Zygo Blaxelldm6: add comment about why we're not supporting non...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellGo ahead and create the link_dir if it doesn't exist
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellFold the inode and digest trees into a single structure...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellFix the hardlinking hopefully once and for all
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellMake sure we are using the right inode filename
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellFix up the progress reporting so we can see directories...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellAdd garbage collection at the end of each run.
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellGet the right file linked to the inode directory
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxellparameterize the prefix length and ensure we don't...
2010-05-13 Zygo BlaxellReplace progress reports with single-character markers
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxellusage: Add version string
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxelldm6: fix duplicate prefix paths
2010-05-13 Zygo Blaxelldm6: finish WIP
2010-03-27 Zygo Blaxellusage: fix uninitialized-value message if no directorie...
2010-03-27 Zygo Blaxellhumane: fix uninitialized-value warnings
2010-03-08 rootdm6: WIP, see TODO
2010-02-14 Zygo BlaxellFix "expected inode FOO, found BAR" warning message
2010-01-11 Zygo BlaxellFix whitespace in usage message (no tabs please)
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellDocument the file size indicator in --progress output
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellMake the *absence* of --skip-hash work again
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellDon't report size in --progress unless it changes
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellSuppress spurious warnings in --dry-run mode
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellClean up output if --progress active and bogon file...
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellAdd file sizes to --progress output, once per second
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellAllow --skip-hash and --skip-compare to be specified...
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellAdd a threshold to skip-hash
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxellmerge_files: add extra sanity check that input files...
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellUpdate *low* range of copyright years: 2002-2010
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: clean up stats_blob output if --progress
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: don't stat during the file collection loop
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: only report '.' for non-trivial merges
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: document --progress option, and expand tabs...
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: add --progress option
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: merge with waya-zblaxell, fix warning message
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: inodes are now non-numeric
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: make sure 'sort -znr' still considers dev...
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: make inode sort order strictly numeric
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: sort incumbent inodes too
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: update copyright year to 2010
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellMerge branch 'performance'
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellUpdate copyright year and email address
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellWork around new fileutils output
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellUpdate copyright year
2010-01-09 rootProperly handle cases where multiple files have the...
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: maybe improve seek performance by sorting...
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelldupemerge: have find tell us the device too
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellRemove ad-hoc copyright notice, add formal copyright...
2010-01-09 Zygo Blaxelltick_quote: properly quote the string '\''
2010-01-09 cvsImplement --dry-run and --humane options
2010-01-09 cvsdigest: Fix incorrect statistics when hashes fail
2010-01-09 Zygo BlaxellReplace --trust with --skip-compare and add --skip...
2010-01-08 rootInitial commit
2010-01-08 rootInitial commit